Walking Works in so very many ways.





What to look out for on this page

Free Taster Sessions Starting tomorrow at 14 Locks Canal Centre, 10.00am to 11,00am. 


Come along and give Nordic Walking a try, if you have fun you can sign up to do a course and find a new sport, suitable for all ages.  

Adding things to pages all the time

Well , so far, I have this front Page, where I will be changing photos now and again, and adding bulletins, and I have an Events page to let you know what is going on, and a Memory Page, with photos that I like from my walks and from anyone else who would like to contribute, and a back page that is called Ponderings, may sound a bit strange but the intention is to put my thoughts and tips on there, a bit like a blog, but may not be as regular as I would like, we will see, but I have made a start just by explaining who I am and why I believe that walking works, this may take a while to get all my thoughts about it down, but also to tell everyone a bit about my journey back to walking, not just to the shop but actually finding the time to set out just to go for a walk, my reasons, my inspirations and my feelings about the whole experience, and what I am planning to get up to next.  Could be interesting as I am off to meet up with 60 other walkers next week, and we are considering climbing Snowdon.  I say considering because I have a fearful dread of heights, and I am not at my best at the moment and very unfit, so I will make a decision when I am there, I may bid my friends a fond Adieu and go for a walk around the lake or to the slate mines or something else historical or something, but I will make a decision on the day.  My main reason for going is to meet the others who are all walkers from #Walk1000miles in 2018, who were my dear friends throughout last year and this and our little family known as the Chicken Squad has grown so much that from only five of us last year notifying our dear Mother Hen, Susan Miller of people's mileage as posted online, for her to add to her massive spreadsheet and to track us all as we go, there now seems to be a huge family of Chooks Roosters and as always the fabulous Susan doing all the numbers. Walkers are gathering from all areas of the Country and from Overseas, some coming from America and Canada, it is going to be quite a gathering and not to be missed, so even if I don't climb the mountain I will be thrilled to have met everyone face to face at last. There willbe lots of photos by the time  get home on Wednesday.  

Then it is all go for preparing to help with an Event for British Nordic Walking who are holding one of their Challenge Events for Nordic Walkers at the 14 Locks Canal Centre, and I am really looking forward to that too.  I will be one of the Marshalls and also may be leading a small walk later in the day.  But it means two of my favourite charities are going to be working together to bring this Event to South East Wales and I hope it will bring more visitors to enjoy our area in the future. More on that one after Snowdon. 

A Journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.

In 2016 I fell in love again, with an old friend who had seen me through many difficult times in the past, I fell in love with walking.  I learned to get back out into the fresh air of the countryside and walk myself through meditations on my life and found many things I though had gone forever.  I fell in love with life all over again.  It does work, in so many ways for your physical health and your mental health, walking is the most natural cure all.