A Good time was had by all.

Last Sunday was a good day, after all the walking the route and rushing around to get snacks and treats and lots of bottles of water, we were all set, Kate did a sterling job in getting everything done with regard to Risk Assessments and in the resources available to British Nordic Walking, Exel Poles and INWA, it was too late to panic, so James and I went off to the 2.5 K turnaround point for the 5K walkers and also the 2.5 point for the 10K Walkers and prepared to greet them and cheer them on their way, Matthew was stationed at the Bridge alongside Pensarn Farm, and Otis was enjoying lots of fuss and play with his Orange air ball.  There were ladies and a gent taking care of the further points and the Turnaround for the 10 K walkers and we all had bottles of water, jelly babies and some protein bars, it was boiling hot and a clear blue sky made it very pleasant for us to sit and soak up the rays, Otis found a shady space sitting at my feet and we enjoyed meeting the walkers as they made their way along. We had a lovely time both with walkers doing the challenge and locals who were just curious about why were there.  


On our return it appeared that the day had been a great success.  I was so pleased, not for myself but for Kate who has proved again that she can handle a big event like this and of course for all involved with BNW.  YAY!